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Jan6-11, 11:02 AM
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200,000 dead from a truck at once????
Surely more than one species of bird and one of fish, would be involved in these deaths if it was a general poisoning, or a fly or swim into a poisoned area. "Multiple blunt trauma" internally doesn't suggest a physical external accident unless something is breathed in that is full of chunks of something. But wouldn't that just go to the lungs? And there's always the fish. What causes multiple blunt trauma to the vital organs of ONE species of bird? And maybe it wasn't flying at the time -which the blackbird doesn't normally do overnight-but eating grain (it's a grain bird) which had been poisoned, sprayed, or GMO treated. Then that flock -how many numbers migrate usually together at once?- tries to fly from the place of injury together and the flying makes it worse, spreads it, and they collapse. What if some of what they ate was dumped in the river too?