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Jan11-11, 08:39 PM
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Some majors are useless. Theater, drama, psychology, ethnic studies, communications and many other majors are either useless or extraordinarily lacking in jobs for the number of people in the programs.
However, in taking those majors you learn general skills (meeting deadlines and writing reports) that are useful in office jobs. People that major in French literature generally don't get jobs in French literature, but they do end up being office drones for which a general bachelors is useful.

Also there are a lot of jobs in theater and drama, but most of those happen behind the camera.

I think the real scam is universities not teaching students what an average is or that a piece of paper is a piece of paper, it's up to the students to present themselves as a good hire. A job just doesn't magically appear because a university graduates someone in the field.
On the other hand if government policy is broken, it doesn't matter how good your credentials are.