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Jan26-11, 05:39 AM
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Welcome to PF. It's probably not included in texts because it is a trivial result of the rotation of the sky. Yet as you can see from the older posts, we get this question almost every winter because it happens every winter and people just don't recognize it as being normal because they don't see it everynight. But note, all of the constellations do this too - and the circumpolar ones (the ones in the north) can be seen in any orientation, rotating all 360 degrees (because they are always in the sky, unlike the southern ones that only rotate up to about 180. The Big Dipper (circumpolar) can be rightside up, upside down or sideways. Orion can lean to the left, be right-side-up or lean to the right. So you can witness this phenomena every night of the year even if you can only see it in the moon 30 or so days a year.