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Feb13-11, 07:02 AM
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If that turned out to be true, it would bring up some very fundamental questions about what "normal physics" is. You are no doubt taking the perspective that "normal physics" is predominantly what determines what happens in the universe, moreso than what happens to us, but I would say that physics is very much an interaction of human intelligence with its environment, so "normal physics" would always be the things that happen to us (or else we'd have to call quantum physics normal, and classical physics weird!). But the question is certainly an insightful one, and I believe is very much what Bohr meant when he said words to the effect that "there is no quantum realm", meaning essentially that we are indeed the oddballs in a universe where our most basic modes of thought create a kind of fiction about most of the processes going on around us, particularly at the microscopic level, or maybe even, as you speculate, at the astronomical level too. Ironically, those levels are also where physics is most accurate-- it is the physics of our own bodies and lives that we have little predictive power about!
Well not everything is perceivable to us humans since our reference frame is always limited to one dimension(limitation).Just as the way Einstein predicted in his theory of Special Relativity.If we ever get to relativistic speeds we might experience such abnormal behavior.Even if we are to believe that the dark matter is the real universe(I think labeling it as a universe is being too simplistic ).I believe it's too early to come up with such statements for starters we need to know what it's made up of.