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Feb15-11, 10:28 AM
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Po2 is partial pressure of oxygen.

oxygen saturation is the not same and yes its read by a pulse oximeter.

i would like to clarify that cyanosis develops only in severe life threatening cases of asthma or acute severe asthma
re bold: That is EXACTLY what mtc said, and you argued with.

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Incidentally asthmatics are generally not oxygen limited - it is a sign of severe ER requiring asthma if you see a change in blood PO2.
Again - most asthmatics are not hypoxic. This is a severe life threatening situation when an astrhmatic does develop low PO2.

This is not correct . Asthmatics , during an attack of asthma are hypoxic (depending on severity).

most of the cases are mild to moderate form and are usually reversible by drugs
Lovely, we all agree then.