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Feb16-11, 08:52 PM
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I was just pondering the moment of the Big Bang, and have been doing some reading on the subject, in which there exists problems consolidating the mathematics of relativity and quantum mechanics. To my understanding the theory of realtivity predicts the universe started from the Big Bang, but in order to analyse it, the mathematics of quantum mechanics is required as well. This is due to the fact that the singularity at the event of the Big Bang is in the quantum realm. However to my understanding the notions of space and time were born from the big bang as well, including any notion of length or measurement. How can there be some sot of external 'measuring stick' that we can apply to the singularity so that we know we need to use Quantum mechanics? How is the Quantum realm determined? To what measurement does the 100 nm distance relate to? Diameter of the entity being analysed? Or the action of forces at that distance?
Anyway just some questions that I've been thinking about. Apologies for any ignorance displayed as I have only a limited understanding of these processes at the moment!
Thanks for your time
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