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Feb24-11, 12:40 AM
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Well I did get this: [tex]x=\frac{\frac{k+1}{2k}\pm\sqrt{\left(\frac{k+1}{2k}\right)^2-\frac{8}{k}}}{2}[/tex]

but then I expanded ((k+1)/2k)^2 to get (k+1)^2/4k^2 and multiplied 8/k by 4k/4k to get 32k/4k^2

Could you elaborate please? (baby steps lol)
Yep that's right, so what you have so far is


Looking at the discriminant only:




Now what I mean by taking out a factor of [tex]\frac{1}{2k}[/tex] is that [tex]\sqrt{4k^2}=2k[/tex] so we have:



Now we can factor out [tex]\frac{1}{2k}[/tex] from the numerator, and we can move this to the denominator to get our desired result.