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Feb28-11, 03:43 PM
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Unfortunately I have no sources to cite... hopefully someone will come along with some.

This is completely bogus! The basic aspects of it don't even make sense (see below). The Penrose-Hameroff model itself is also absolutely insane (even though Penrose is one of the greatest scientists alive.... unlike Hameroff...). The model is entirely speculative, and makes zero sense.

"Our experimental set-up is made by two separated and completely shielded basins where two parts of a common human DNA neuronal culture are monitored by EEG."
This doesn't make any sense. "DNA neuronal culture" doesn't mean anything. And an 'EEG' is explicitly used on an entire (living) person's head, not on a cell culture.

"Our main experimental result is that, under stimulation of one culture by means of a 630 nm laser beam at 300 ms"
This is ridiculous. You don't stimulate neurons with lasers.... That's what you would see in Frankenstein's laboratory, not in a research institution. Also, they're premise is that correlations should be occurring without stimulation at all....