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In fact, at Penn State a Center for Gravitation & the Cosmos was created recently and they just held the Inaugural workshop last September. Guess what the theme of the workshop at the new center at Penn State was, this will make Mr. Marcus really happy , -
"Black Holes in Supergravity and M/Superstring Theory" !!!
Here is the link:
Random collection of misinformation plus failed sarcasm. The Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos was created in 2007. The Inaugural Conference was not "last September" which would have been September 2010. It was August 9-11, 2007.
I reported on it here at Beyond forum:

The complete program (containing Loop and String people together with observational cosmologists, Roger Penrose etc etc) is here:

I also gave a link here:
to the listing of IGC workshops including the September 9-11 one on Black Holes in Supergravity, M-theory.
That was NOT inaugurating IGC, it was simply the first of a planned series of workshops to be held in several different places. So it was titled "Inaugural" merely because it began that series of workshops.

The IGC mixes theory observation and in the theory department it mixes Loop and String--I approve of this. I like to see institutes, departments, and conferences mix a bunch of different active approaches and get people talking to each other. I think String has to some extent stalled (at least in US institutions) because the community got too securely entrenched and was just talking to itself.

The best QG conference of 2011 will pretty clearly be the June Zurich "Quantum Theory and Gravitation" which is organized by Barrett, Nicolai(string) and Rovelli(loop) and will have about equal Loop and String, plus several other contingents (CDT, NCG, GFT, QEG, NC-QFT...) Thirty plenary speakers. Historical conference. Exciting.