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Mar11-11, 10:50 AM
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I'm sorry, did you just say, in a very academic and clear way I might add... that they'd be worried about a coolant rupture and subsequent leak? Ouch...

I can see why plan for the worst, hope for the best makes sense in plant engineering.
No, I only indicated what the concern would be if the core and primary system heated to the point that the primary system would be over-pressurized. Outside of the primary system, which includes the pressure vessels that contains the core, is the containment building. The containment building is designed to contain the contents of the primary system, and radioactive material, in the even the primary system leaks. However, we prefer not to allow the primary system to be compromised.

Now it seems the IAEA is concerned that one of the reactor vessels may be compromised, but that makes no sense given the reports that there is no radiation leak. I'd assume that kind of thing would be rather obvious from aerial/satellite surveillance?
I have not yet heard any report on the integrity of the pressure vessels of priamry system of any of the units. I would not be obvious from satellite or air.

I am waiting for reliable information.

This map shows the locations of Japanese NPPs.

The Fukushima plants 1 and 2 were the closest, but Tokai and Onagwa are also affected. They should have all units shut down.

Fukushima Daiichi (Plant 1) has 6 units, and Fukushima Daini (Plant 2) has 4 units. Tokai has 2 units and Onagawa has 3 units.