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Mar20-11, 09:33 PM
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Here are all the ones from chat:

Calculus without Derivatives
Physics without Calculus.
ODEs without Derivatives and Integrals
Learn Discrete Math without anybody noticing!
Complex Variables: A Real Approach
C For the Average Programmer.
Real Analysis: Proof - Free Edition
PDEs: Simplified to 2-d
linear algebra: without matrices.
Physics without vectors?
Linear Algebra of Quadratic Functions
Introduction to proofs: now with falso
Undefined Quantities: The Definitive Edition
Infinite Series: Convergence-free
Dividing by 0 - The Real Answer
String Theory Experiments
general relativity: now with variable speed of light
Linux System Administrator's Guide: Forward by Bill Gates
An introduction to MENSA - by George Bush
Are Donuts Different from Coffee Mugs: A Guide to Basic Topology
Abstract algebra: a concrete approach
Nuclear Physics on a Human Scale
Chemistry: Now without Pesky Interactions
Degrees of Freedom: A Constrained Approach
Determining the Indeterminate Forms

I'd actually love reading some of those!