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Mar20-11, 09:56 PM
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Some more beauties:

Relativity: An Absolute Approach
Theology: now with concrete evidence
Military Science: A Peaceful Approach
LaTeX Without Markup
Understanding Infinite Sequesces in Three Easy Steps.
Anger management - Gaddhafi
Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Literature
Understandable Economics
Division by Zero: Volumes 1 through 2701
Limits, a topological appoach.
Counting the Right Way: 0th Edition
Real analysis for the rational minded
Group theory for the solitary
Dedekind Cuts as shown by Emeril
Lyapunov Functions: A Controlled Approach
Ring theory - Sauron
I Invented Calculus - I Newton, G Leibniz
Theorems: Along the Unproven Path
management = worthless
Casanova's guide to smooth operators?
Electromagnetism: An Attractive Approach
Electromagnetism: A Repulsive Approach
Electricity: Shockingly simple
The truth about formal logic!!!
Quantum Mechanics: An Uncertain Approach
Schrodinger's Cat: Sold and Not Sold Near You!
Schrodinger's Cat: The Trial and Sentencing of Erwin Schrodinger for Animal Cruelty
How to troll mathematics for 200 years - Fermat
Why the **** are these ***** margins so small? --Fermat
Mathematical Agriculture, Extracting roots from the field.
Square roots: It's just ab-surd!
Ideals and radicals in mathematics: should we be afraid??
$e^{\pi}-\pi$: A Standard Test of Floating Point Accuracy
Al-Gebra: The Latest in Terror?
Continuous Functions of Discrete Variables
Limits: A One-Sided Appraoch
This books doesn't contain itself - Godel
The Secret to Success in Mathematics -- N.I. Lobachevsky
Omega: Counting your way to infinity.
Logarithms: A Musical Approach
How to double your money - Banach and Tarski
Organic Chemistry: For the Carbon in You
Accepting Awards -- G. Perelman