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Mar24-11, 08:54 PM
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Guys. Is there a possibility that the TOE would involve no math at all... since physics involves math.. and TOE is beyond math. Then it's the end of physics? What I mean to say is. What if beyond the Planck is a realm that is no longer describable by math. Is this possible? Or would physics evolve to other systems of modelling that don't use math anymore? If so, Symmetry may be the final concept that is still math connected. Beyond Symmetries may lie mathless facts... for example, what if in the planck realm where spacetime breaks down and quantum fluctuations ruin any continuous manifold lie something that is no longer modelable by math?
Most would say the problem lies in observable maths - scientific models that are framed as formal statements with measurable consequences (rather than unmeasurable ones).

Science involves both models and measurements in interaction. So for a TOE to be scientific, it has to be testable.

If a TOE is just a formally stated hypothesis that is ultimately untestable, then it becomes metaphysics.

So I would say it is looking like the maths will stretch beyond the eventual reach of science. Instead of mathless fact, it is more likely we will end up with factless maths!

Which is good news for the future career prospects of metaphysicians.