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Mar26-11, 09:19 PM
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Wrt the thread title, what do you mean by "deep connection", and how would you know if there was one?

Modelling is a form of communication. Math is effective in modelling reality because numbers are unambiguous.

Wrt reality, all we have is our private and shared sensory experience. Physical models all ultimately reduce to statements about the qualitative behaviors of objects in our sensory experience. Which can be quantified. We count things, and relate the quantities via various models of 'reality'.

It would be quite strange if math 'wasn't' effective in modelling reality, imho.

Another thing. I was supposed to title this thread "Why does the Dirac Equation work".. but at the last seconds, I changed the title to "Math and reality, what is the deep connection?" as this is a philosophy forum and didn't want the thread deleted for out of topic so changed it suddenly without thinking. Anyway. After all the answers and reflections. The more appropriate title should be "Physical models and Reality: What is the deep connection?"