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Mar31-11, 03:05 AM
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I'm having some difficulty working out what shlomi's question actually is
level 1 and 2 are 2D but the only difference is that level 1 is actual data (flash objects: grid, trees, lights etc) and level 2 is the textures that render (offline on the server) to show level's 1 objects. for our conversation it's the same or moreover, level 1 shouldn't be discuss of since i don't need to make any conversion from it to sphere.

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My understanding of post #22 is that he/she already knows how to do this using "the client's engine", the website linked to from that post, which is why I'm confused as to what the question is.
the component I'm using to show a sphere on the client side required the image i attached in post #11, this image ia already distorted, mean - as i understands that - the component must get a distorted image and then it's wrap the 3d sphere with it, the transformation between this distorted 2d image and the 3d sphere create the reality view on the sphere.

follow by this, it's mean that i need to prepare the distorted image for the system, follow by the user's data, and this is the thing I'm looking for.
from my side it's looks like i need to render image like the one on post #18 and after that distort it to be like the #11's one.

thanks guys.