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Apr1-11, 06:52 AM
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I am well aware of the scientific method lol I was not proposing my own hypothesis however I am still interested in the peer-reviewed publications that you have to provide your rational. If not no matter, I would caution against grabbing peoples opinions and posting them, especially if they have no publications in the field.

I have stated on this thread before that I don't think a proper explanation of hypnosis will come about until we have a more thorough understanding of neuroscience
here a quick search of Google scholar would satisfy your need for publications in the field
he has at least one publication in a reputable journal.

Is what i posted an opinion? of course it is. It is however a reasonable opinion by someone much more knowledgeable in the area than I.

I do however yield to what ever opinion you have on the subject as your knowledge of the issue far outweighs mine, according to your listed degree.

Do you have any clinical experience with hypnosis? I would love to hear your thoughts on why it functions and what purpose it serves.