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Apr13-11, 01:29 AM
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It depends on how smart he is.

He should already have figured it out.
If he has, it probably doesn't matter all that much what you do, just be cool about it.

But if he hasn't figured it out, it's bad that you rejected him, when he doesn't know why.
It will make him feel insecure and that's a bad place to be.

If or when you tell him, I think it's important that you make clear you kind of like him, but that you just can't stand the smell.
I think you should avoid telling him that he should wash more, that is, avoid telling him what to do, just make clear what it is that you dislike. He can draw his own conclusions and take appropriate action, or not (depends on how much he likes you and wants to please you).
Perfect. That is exactly what I intend and thought of doing.