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Apr26-11, 04:33 PM
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Doc-Al: Sorry, I did not know that.

However, it seems like the you overlook the fact that the rod is inelastic. The same thing goes for the answers in the thread you linked to.

And even if the rod was elastic, I do not buy your answer that the information/displacement will propagate as a wave pulse with the speed of sound in the medium. I am displacing the whole rod, so that the displacement is much higher that the wavelength of the pulse induced.
Er.. hello? What do you think holds the material that make up the rod?

If you've learned any amount of solid state physics, you'd know that these are linked by various types of BONDS, and they interact with the lattice ions via electromagnetic interactions! Light is a form of electromagnetic interaction! This means that anything done to the rod can't transmit something faster than what light can do!