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Mar22-03, 05:32 PM
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So far in this past century, the theory of the superstring has held most promising oppertunities for unifying all quantum mechanics. However I noticed some very imediate flaws that eliminate the purpose of the theory. The theory is that everything is made of one-dimensional strings, whose vibrations give rise to fundamental particles. This takes place in a ten-dimensional universe requiring nine dimensions of space and one dimension of time. The described universe began with a big bang. The big bang is a theory describing for some reason a singularity where six of ten dimensions curled up, ending one universe, but allowing four dimensions to unroll, begining our universe, with three dimensions of space and one dimension of space. Now to disprove a ten-dimensional universe, lets begin with this.
The big bang theory is a contradiction of itself. If the six dimensions of an old universe curled up from a big crunch, then for that universe to have existed to have a big crunch, it needed to have a dimension of time. When our universe unravelled, it had to have three dimensions of space, and one dimension af time. It would be impossible to have that dimension of time if it belonged to the old universe, thus when our three dimensions unravelled, separated from time, they would ceace to exist in he time-space continuum.
Also, if there was a big bang and fundamental particles were made from superstrings, because of the mass and energy of the expanding universe, in accordance with Einsteins theory of general relativity, the universe would have instantly collapsed into a one dimensional cylinder with a diameter equal to that of the length of the superstring, this supercylinder relentlessly expanding upwards.
This may help clear things up a bit.

A possible modification to M Theory.

This modification differs from the standard theory in that the universe starts with two seperate space-times. One is a 2D manifold that meets the requirement for a Near-Kerr solution to Blackhole Geometrodynamics in 2D format. The other is a 6D Higgs type space-time of a size greater than 10^50th power in light years. The first starts smaller than the Plank scale by an equal amount.

But even in spite of String Theory solving a lot of problems(ie. Entrophy of Blackholes) it still in its current form commonly called M-Theory for Membrane or Magic has many problems of its own.

String Theory from it's start has always been based upon another theory called SuperSymetry. With SUSY type theories all matter particles have their counter-part in force carriers. The idea being that Fermions can transform into Bosons and back. The problem is that nature,as we know it, has no observational evidence for the Supersymetry partiners.

Another problem to some people is the added extra dimensions. These again have no direct observational evidence in nature.

The Theory that is proposed here is a modification to M-Theory that explains the problem of SUSY and those hidden dimensions. For the most part it is basic M-Theory. But its starting point is different.

Here's some basic ground work.

The original field theories of the Standard Model pictured particles as points in space-time. There are two standard field theory models, which while giving accurate data on the particles, has several problems inherent within.

The first of these is Quantum Chromodynamics. This is the theory that describes the Strong Force carrier.

The second is Quantum Electrodynamics. This deals with the combined electromagnetic and weak forces.

The problem with these theories is that not only have the two never been acurately combined, they both exclude General Relativity from their fold. Thus, at best, they are incomplete.
String Theory replaces the point particle with something that does not inscribe a point and as such avoids the singularity problem that normally generates infinities as an answer.

Also, instead of a long list of different particles one has different particles as manifestations of the same basic string vibrating in different modes.

String Theory is also the only theory where General Relativity not only can be combined with it. In fact, the basic fundamental state of the String is the Spin-2 carrier of gravity, the Graviton.