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May4-11, 08:52 AM
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How does the relationship between space, time, and the speed of light compensate for this?
Insofar as is known, there is no "compensation"....except for pssoible changes in density during the inflationary stage of expansion.

Most of the responses above are gibberish .

Since the universe is expanding, "time" would have to be "speeding up" in order for our time frame to remain constant. Which I think has to do with momentum, As energy is dissapated outward through the solar system momentum is converted into inertia. (remember mass and volume are directly related within a single time frame) This changes the radial trajetory of the local planets within this solar system and outward.
is utterly meaningless....for example, momentum is NOT "converted" to inertia...

See the second paragraph here for some accurate comments on this nomenclature:

and our solar system is not expanding...gravity holds it together....