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May8-11, 06:38 AM
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I wonder why it's only me who sees this. Look at at a photo of a high school year book say in 1920. Now loook at a yearbook of the class of say 2000. Am i the only one who sees a difference in facial structure? Or look at a photo of a basketball or baseball team of that old generation...they all look like old men compared to todays team of the same overall age. Why??
thorium1010 has it right. The only difference between the last few generations and ours is nutrition, however with the greatest of respect I don't think there has been an overall change in Caucasian bone structure. Another change is fashion, it sounds strange but the way we perceive age and related things can be heavily influenced by fashion.

If you think of it this way, say everyone in the 1920's did have a different face structure. It's staggeringly unlikely that all of them have offspring with significantly different structure and even more unlikely that all of those differences are the same!

Evolution works over long time periods and gross morphological changes happen gradually.