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May9-11, 02:29 PM
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Red/blue shift is from a lengthening/contraction of wavelengths and has nothing to do with the speed of the photons.

And, even so, this is irrelevant because in order for red/blue shift to occur, the source has to be accelerating to/away from the observer, which could never happen in your device since it's two spheres mounted to one another as one piece, with the outer one being the "observer" and the inner one being the "source."
There needs no acceleration. Just a closing or opening speed of the objects in question. Also, you are correct that we see these shifts due to the wave length change. This is also has an effect on the spacings of the photons (which are the same thing).

Photons emitted at a set interval expand out in a perfectly spherical pattern and if the light source is in motion the spacing between the surface of these spheres are not the same distance all they way around. (hence doppler shift).