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May12-11, 07:46 AM
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Let's be clear about this, you are disagreeing with ryan. You are saying there is apparent fine tuning, (but it is explained by multiple universes), whilst ryan is saying that there is no apparent fine tuning.
I'm not arguing we have things well set out for life, but that doesn't mean something fine tuned it to be that way. The argument being given here is "things appear finely tuned therefore something did that".

To quote from your wiki page:
Anyone who insists that our form of life is the only one conceivable is making a claim based on no evidence and no theory."
I was going to mention this point. Just because we don't have a way of existing with things being different, doesn't mean something else couldn't have.

As per my coin toss example, just because something unlikely occurs, it doesn't mean someone caused that to happen (fine tuned it to occur). Sure, perhaps the particular circumstances were perfectly tuned for it to happen, but again that doesn't mean someone made it that way.

RE Bolded: I wasn't being serious, just throwing out something equally plausible as there being a god that fine tuned things.
Note that there is considerable support for the idea of apparent fine tuning:
How lovely, perhaps you could point out where they invoke a god?