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May15-11, 09:15 AM
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Gravity, consciousness and quantum effects are science.
Yes, indeed they are science. But I still don't see the connection between consciousness and other two.

In short, I feel like he skirts dangerously close to ID with this notion.
yes he does and very often.

as proof that there is...a deity evident in the gravitational constant among others.
which was the whole discussion int the thread , where is the evidence.

The strength I feel is that quantum mechanics probably is in-fact impossible to pin down. The weakness is that he is doing what he accuses the Intelligent Design advocate of doing: placing God in the unknown scientific frontier.
which is what he is exactly doing placing god, when he can't explain why the gravitational constant ( or any other constants ) are just the way they are.

I like the work, but can anyone explain how all of this reconciles? [/I]
thats what is happening in the whole thread, there is nothing to reconcile unless there is evidence forthcoming.

In short, I feel that while the OP is somewhat incoherent, I've been sticking with the question closer than you.
well you brought in consciousness, which was neither mentioned in the OP nor in the discussion about miller's book