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May25-11, 11:14 AM
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Let's say I have a container and it has an opening. I drop it into the

Very interesting and thanks for the answers guys. My goal is to see if a violent jet of water can be shot out of a container just by using hydrostatic pressure.

So going off from your input tell me how this scenario would go.

Let's say we have a large non deformable container in the shape of a cylinder. One side has a door that can be opened and closed to the ocean. The cylinder is divided in half internally by a movable wall (basically like a cylinder head). On the side of the divided cylinder that has no door a highly pressurized gas is pumped in so now the cylindar head travels closest to the side that the door is at. Phew...

Okay, so we drop it into the ocean to 36k feet. The hydrostatic pressure should compress the already highly compressed gas even further. Depending on how big the surface area is of the movable wall the amount of hydrostactic pressure pushing on it could be huge.

So we seal it up and bring it back to sea level and open a special alternate door built into the door that narrows the flow of water to make a jet.

Would this be a nasty jet of water then if the gas pressure is huge on the other side of the moveable wall and is pushing the water out?