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San K
Jun11-11, 11:34 PM
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NO IT CAN'T!!!!!!!!

Until photons are MEASURED/DETECTECTED they have UNKNOWN quantum properties (like polarisation). This is a well establsished experimental fact, it is highly nonintuitive and unsettling but it is the way the world is.

Sorry San K, but this experiment is kinda old school compared to what's been shown with multi-entangled states recently. Reality just ain't really real the way you think. You can allow a non-local interpretation to retain some idea of reality, which is what I thought you were suggesting.
Sub-sampling can explain the results of DCQE, sub-sampling does include non-local assumptions/interpretation.

There is no need to assume future can change the past or causality is violated by QM/DCQE or other hypothesis.

Scientists/experimenters, such as Yoon, do discuss sub-sampling (and the associated patterns) in their papers to explain appearance and disappearance of interference patterns.