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Jun12-11, 02:06 PM
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You are clearly not aware of my debates with Cthugha. His initial stance was that the DCQE has a purely trivial explanation if you analyse the phases at the detectors, he even claimed that coincidence counters would ensure only photon pairs with the correct phases are matched or something similarly weird.
Stop misrepresenting my posts. It seems like you clearly did not bother to read or even understand them. That phase matching idea was a straw man you constructed. I never posted anything like that. If you want to talk about my posts, please quote them exactly in the future, like it is good scientific practice. I am really annoyed by seeing you claim again and again that I made some statements which I never made.

The fact that you repeatedly bring up this claim although I already clarified several times that I did not post such a statement makes it look like you are misrepresenting my posts on purpose.

So could you please just cite the passage you mean here and I will explain what I really said. But do not put words in my mouth.