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Oct8-04, 11:05 AM
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Thanks Monique! It's amazing to me they are trying to sell pre-cast gels. They are so simple to make, I just can't see paying more for someone else to make them. There are a lot of things in molecular biology that are nice to get in kits, especially if you don't use it often enough to want to have lots of stock reagents around, but even my lab knows how to make gels (though, apparently I'm the only one who had trouble with the definition of "cool enough to touch the flask" for knowing when to add the EtBr and pouring the gel...I'm the only one who can swirl the flask to mix the agarose into solution without insulated gloves...but even I've learned the feel of the right temperature and can pour a good gel...then again, I'm not yet old enough to be one of those profs the students chase out of the lab...I've worked for those, the ones who make a big mess when they come into the lab, so everyone chases them out as quickly as possible if they get the urge to do some benchwork).