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Jun23-11, 08:40 PM
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last day of school today!

I'm not sure what my final grade is until report cards are mailed out but im hoping i somehow got to an A+ for the year. The final exam was surprisingly easy and i feel i aced it.

The bad news is AP physics will most likely not be available in my school next year. Under 10 people elected to take the class so there most likely not going to offer it. This really sucks since I wanted to challenge myself further. Instead im going to take AP Bio, since i want an AP science for colleges to see (and i just hate chemistry even though i get good grades in that class).

So yeah, thanks for the advice guys. It's weird looking back at this thread and seeing what people wrote back in October when i felt so horrible about my grades and where i am now. Hopefully, somehow they offer ap physics next year.

**Btw fylingpig: My teacher is not in any way bad, on the other hand I feel he is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He teaches the material clearly and will always be available for help.