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Jul5-11, 06:36 AM
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Arnie Gundersen has one unchallengeable point that we cannot deny. Fukushima is a nuclear reactor accident that shouldn't have happened. Its consequences are still unfolding, but are devastating in cost, health and social impact.

It galls me to the core that this accident could have been prevented. I am trying hard not to let my anger and embarrassment prevent me from seeing that opponents like Arnie may have some valid points. As long as he has the media spotlight he is influencing public opinion. The only effective way to deal with that is to expose his misinformation, errors and faulty conclusions with facts, corrections, and logic. But that will be an uphill battle against the images of Fukushima, Chernobyl, and TMI2. Name-calling and blanket judgements based on our perception of his motives only reinforce impressions of arrogance on our part.

Time will reveal where he is wrong, and we can speed that process along the way, but we can't afford to ignore where he is right.
NUCENG, you are one of the bright lights in this thread. It has been said that a man's ability to understand something is directly affected by his paycheck depending on him not understanding it. You have consistently shown a willingness to be open-minded and willing to suffer the slings and arrows of some of the more anti-nuclear people who show up here from time to time. If the industry as a whole had people like you leading it we would all be in a far better place than we are today. (I am no fan of Arnie Gunderson, but you are right IMO with respect to some of his points.) Kudos to you, sir.