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Jul6-11, 01:12 PM
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I have observed that increasing numbers of Americans seem ashamed of picking fruits from their fruit trees. Eventually all the peaches, apples, apricots, and other fruits fall to the ground. These fruits are delicious!!!! But they go waste. This happens every year, year after year. People almost seem ashamed of using fruits from their fruit trees, whether the fruit has fallen to the ground or on the tree. They let the fruits rot and buy fruit from the grocery stores instead. As an Indian (Native American), this behavior is unfathomable and extremely puzzling to me. Not one of the people who live down my street uses fruit from their fruit trees. This is not just in my town but in other towns as well.

(There were other behaviors that I didn't understand initially but I think I have come to understand them now. For instance, rural pickup driving people deliberately hit deer crossing the roads with their trucks and leave good meat behind but they go hunting and skin deer carcasses elaborately to use the meat or to make jerky, or instead of planting vegetables people spend enormous sums of money on maintaining useless lawns).

But I have yet to understand why people seem ashamed to use fruit from their fruit trees. Is this a status symbol?
I don't observe this to be true at all here in Southern California. The many people who have citrus fruit trees not only eat the fruit themselves, they give it to neighbors, or take it to the swap meet and sell it.

When I lived in NH it was a somewhat different story. So many people had apple trees that there was a surfeit of apples when they all came ripe in the fall. It could be hard to find someone who didn't already have enough apples for their needs.

My grandmother had a cherry tree and a plum tree, which were a bit unusual for NH. She had to go to great length to keep people from stealing the fruit.

So, I think the answer may possibly be that there's a surfeit of fruit where you live.