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Jul11-11, 03:15 PM
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Could it be that fruit from a supermarket is so cheap that people can't be bothered to exert their energy to collect fruit from trees?
I planted a peach tree several years ago. This year, it flowered well, and has set on dozens of peaches. The cost of that little sapling will be well-paid-off if the peaches all ripen so I can pick them vs buying peaches in a store. The cherry and plum trees are still a bit immature and have not set on fruit, but the blueberry bushes are doing quite well, though they are still small. I set out a 5-gallon bucket of raspberry root-stock about 5 years ago, and this year, I had to cut through that thicket and give away a lot of rooted canes so that we can get in there to pick all the berries. There is no way that fruits and berries at the supermarket can ever compete in quality of price with ones that you grow yourself. We end up processing and freezing most of our apples because as mentioned above, there are a LOT of apple trees around here. We may have a few spots and defects on our apples, but NO pesticides, herbicides, etc. That's worth something.