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Jul17-11, 01:25 AM
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Hey! I'm a TCU Astrophysics Undergrad right now! Talk about a small world. I wonder if were allowed to discuss the physics of kicking badger butt here? ;)

I'm really worried about employment after graduating though. Did you take any avenues through TCU specifically that helped you with employment? I would much appreciate anything you could tell me or any advice you could give.
Yes!!! What a small world!!! I LOVED my time at TCU!! I worked in the career center while going to school there and honestly, they weren't of much help. I had a job lined up at Siemens through a friend I worked with at Siemens many years before I graduated. Now I find I'm over-qualified for soooo many positions, which is a real drag cuz I can do anything!!!

I actually wound up getting a Bachelors of General Studies degree in Astrophysics & Computer Science. I had three classes left for a BS but that would take me 5 more years since they're only offered every other year and I came in with an AS degree. I was told 5 years for a BS or 6 months for a BGS. Paying for my own college I opted for the 6 months, LOL.

Tell Dr. Rittby that Tiffany Baugh said, "Hello." He'll remember me. I pretty much made my mark at TCU, lol. That and the new indoor football practice facility is named after my great uncle.

Use the career center but don't put all your eggs in that basket. A fellow student (who may be my cousin, it's weird) she got a job working for NASA in Houston taking care of the supplies on the ISS. If you're a good student (I wasn't the best cuz I was going through some MAJOR personal issues at the time) your professors may be able to help you get a good job.

Let me know what you find out about the job search. I'm in Colorado now and would LOVE to use my degree!!!!

Good luck and GO FROGS!!!