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Jul21-11, 12:52 PM
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I try to use this thread primarily as a place to keep the best current source material on LQG, including its phenomenology (ways of testing) and application to cosmology.

It should provide quick access to the latest review articles and survey talks.

Here is a search intended to dig up LQG/LQC pheno papers. It now gets 44 articles

To see the latest, change the ordering from "by cite count" to "by date" and repeat the search.

The May 2011 Loops conference in Madrid had some great review talks. Video and slides PDF are available online. It can be useful to download both because you can scan through the slides and then drag the timebutton of the video to a part of the talk where you wish to focus attention. Also the video shows both slide and speaker and may sometimes cut off a part of a slide you want to read. So it may work best to download both and do your own split-screen. Ashtekar and Rovelli gave great survey talks:

Ashtekar's talk (for a Loop cosmology review):
Rovelli's talk (for status and open problems of the full LQG theory):

Peter McK expressed an interest in Causal Dynamical Triangulations, and Renate Loll gave a CDT review at the same conference. It's a good way to hear the latest.
Loll's review of CDT:

For the listing of all the talks (linked to an abstract for each):

I'll include Frank Wilczek's Uppsala talk because I think it is a reality-based view of particle physics unification prospects. He gives the most likely picture of matter's future--- that which LQG spacetime geometry is apt to join up with.
Wilczek video:
Wilczek slides: