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Jul23-11, 06:39 PM
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I can't find the proper place for this so I'll put it here. I have some questions and some possible answers (or at least my answers). I apologize to the moderator that has to decide where to move this to.

Let me suggest that there should be a theory of TOEs.

What is a ToE? (For that matter, what's a theory and what's "everything"?)

Is there a TOE? How many? What's the simplest one? Is there a simplest one?

If there is a TOE, can it be represented symbolically vis a vis symbols human have created or can create? For example, is it expressible as a "one inch equation," a phrase made popular by Michio Kaku?

What traits must be common among all TOEs other than the defining traits? What are the characteristics that are essential to be a TOE?

This is all a study of TOEs without specifically mentioning any candidate TOEs, a theory of TOEs. Can a theory of TOEs produce or yield a TOE?

Can any of this be proved at least to the standards of modern math? If not, to what extent does that torpedo the whole notion of a TOE?
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