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Jul26-11, 07:27 PM
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Hi PF,
I'm in my second semester in chemistry, and i'm feeling that i am not getting as much physics as i would like and it's based a lot in experimental works instead of theoretical.
i want to study theoretical chemistry, but it seems like going to a physics graduation would be better and get me there faster... I've read a lot of things like relativistic quantum chemistry, quantum physics and quantum chemistry (even though i don't understanding it).
I've looked at both and i don't see how i can learn quantum chemistry if i don't know quantum mechanics (by the way, it's impossible for me to do chemistry and get classes in quantum mechanics or atomic physics, because i need a lot of other classes as a prerequisite).

i'm really considering changing to physics, but i want to know if it's possible to study theoretical chemistry with a physics degree or should i stay in chemistry?

sorry if i wrote something wrong and thank you in advance. :)
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