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Renormalisation group improvement of scalar field inflation
Adriano Contillo, Mark Hindmarsh, Christoph Rahmede
(Submitted on 1 Aug 2011)
We study quantum corrections to Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmology with a scalar field under the assumption that the dynamics are subject to renormalisation group improvement. We use the Bianchi identity to relate the renormalisation group scale to the scale factor and obtain the improved cosmological evolution equations. We study the solutions of these equations in the renormalisation group fixed point regime, obtaining the time-dependence of the scalar field strength and the Hubble parameter...
... and find classical dynamics as an attractor solution for late times. We show that the solution found in the renormalisation group fixed point regime is also a cosmological fixed point in the autonomous phase space. We derive the power spectrum of cosmological perturbations and find that the scalar power spectrum is exactly scale-invariant and bounded up to arbitrarily small times, while the tensor perturbations are tilted as appropriate for the background power-law inflation. We specify conditions for the renormalisation group fixed point values of the couplings under which the amplitudes of the cosmological perturbations remain small.
17 pages; 2 figures
Lorentzian approach to noncommutative geometry
Nicolas Franco
(Submitted on 2 Aug 2011)
This thesis concerns the research on a Lorentzian generalization of Alain Connes' noncommutative geometry. ... In the last chapter, we investigate the problem of the generalization to Lorentzian manifolds. We present a first step of generalization of the distance function with the use of a global timelike eikonal condition. Then we set the first axioms of a temporal Lorentzian spectral triple as a generalization of a pseudo-Riemannian spectral triple together with a notion of global time in noncommutative geometry.
PhD thesis, 200 pages, 9 figures