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Aug4-11, 01:06 PM
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my belief (tongue in cheek) is that you like to argue with me about anything. if i said it was round, you would say it was square.

the word "fairy" most likely does not mean the same thing to the both of us.

perhaps you might interject your definition of the word, so that we can both be discussing the exact same thing. part of the reason why i dislike the use of certain words in discussions, because they have very different connotations, even if their denotations are similar.

the word "belief" is very definitely attached to the acceptance of something without proof. "do you believe in god" is an extremely common question that one is apt to get in one's life.

the word "acceptance" has definite connotations of allowing a process or condition, etc. without any effort to change, protest, etc. in other words, it did not come about from evidence.

when i was a kid, i "accepted" the fact that god exists.