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Aug7-11, 01:06 AM
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The documents on Tepco's site:
Refer to the the site of the high radiation as:
"Bottom of Main Exhaust Stuck of Unit 1/2 Connection of emergency gas treatment piping arrangement"
And the location of the high radiaion inside the No.1 turbine building as:
"Near the entrance of the train room for the emergency gas treatment system."

Does someone have a piping diagram?
It's clear to me how the pipe relates to the reactor #1 building (it skirts around the outside south & east walls), but I am still trying to work out how it relates to the reactor plumbing. Does it come from the wet well? From somewhere in the primary circulation, such as the condenser?
Since the venting system is designed to protect the containment, it must release gas from the dry well and perhaps also the top of the torus. From there it would go to the filter "train", then outside the building along the fat pipe to the stack.

According to a NYT article the hardened venting system doesn't use filters, the regular venting system does.
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And what is a "train room"?
They were also using "train" in the sense of several connected filtering systems (like wagons on a train) when talking about the Areva water treatment system. I think the train room holds several filters trough which gas would sequentially pass before being released into the stack.