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Aug16-11, 11:19 PM
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GW was just spoiling for a philosophical argument and didn't bother to do even the most basic research to correctly phrase whatever 'question' was being attempted. That is a classic 'move the goal posts' strategy. Redefine your terms as the arguments emerge.
He posted in the wrong forum -- should have been in GR where they're familiar with the terms "block universe" and "tenseless universe". But I thought his question was clear enough:

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Anyway, could someone, preferably with a good grasp of cosmology explain to me what exactly is meant when it is said that the universe is expanding AND YET we live in a block universe, how can a tenseless universe expand?
It can't. So, if the universe is indeed expanding, then it would be wrong to interpret GR as implying that we live in a block or tenseless universe. (And, yes, interpretations of physical theories are philosophical exercises.)

I'm drawn to threads with the word 'time' in them. I've found that lots of people take it to be a whole lot more mysterious than it needs to be, and I think that that's where the OP was coming from.

Anyway, no big deal. Just too bad that a curious layperson using good syntax and punctuation (they're harder to come by than you might think ) felt the need too leave PF (if that's what happened). One thing I've learned is that one can't have too thin a skin if one is intent on badgering physics professionals with layperson questions. He/she could have clarified matters from the start by simply specifying the meaning of the terms he/she was using. There's probably dozens of threads about a 'block/tenseless' universe in the PF archives. It's certainly at Wiki. And an abstract search at on "block universe" will get a few hits.