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Aug29-11, 10:02 AM
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Ok, real basic stuff here. I have virtually no mathematics knowledge. I think I know that pseudo code is complied and turned into machine language but what I can't figure out is how one abstracts the instructions into algorithms(?). I'm having a hard time phrasing what I what to know. To para phase: How do you use math when writing a program?
Pseudocode is not compiled. Pseudocode is used only to work out the details of the algorithm that is to be used. Once these details are worked out, then an implementation of the function is written in the programming language of choice.

The program instructions are then compiled, and the compiler generates machine code instructions. The linker then combines the machine language that was generated by the compiler with machine language instructions for library functions, to produce an executable program.

Not all programming languages are compiled into machine code. Languages such as python and the .NET Framework languages are translated into an intermediate language, and another program translates individual instructions to machine language, and then executes them.

Not all programs require the use of mathematics. One example is a program that just displays some text on the console.