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Sep6-11, 03:32 PM
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Thank you for posting that here.

I would not consider, "People and scientists act out of their free will, and not of predetermined events in the past" a self evident truth. There are a lot of questionable words used in there. Such as, "free will" and "predestined".

Or the second one. Universal claims like, X is something that is not part of the universe" are hard to verify or make sense of.

One has to start from somewhere and being born naked and clueless in an african savanna certainly hasn't helped help the situation with establishing the basics.
Of course, you are free to doubt anything. Or rather you were not free but forced to doubt everything by events in the past over which you had no control. Or whatever.
Surely there is at least one self-evident axiomatic truth in life - I exist(there is a personal experience)