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Sep8-11, 07:03 PM
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I agree w/ Tic-Tacs post but would add that his point:

Windowing toolkits, networking, filesystems, even basic input and output depend on the underlying operating system for support. Since most operating systems do pretty much the same thing, this isn't a deal-killer. But every once in a while, you run into problems where some functionality is buggy or just plain undocumented.
is indeed not a deal-killer, BUT that simple statement glosses over the fundamental concept I would point out, which is that programming languages are not JUST languages. The syntax of the language will like have no more than small differences, but the differences in HOW the underlying operating systems do what they do can be quite different and the calls to OS functionality has to be learned independent of whatEVERY language is being used and in that sense, there are really significant differences.

SO ... if you write a = b + c, that will compile just fine under any implementation and any OS, but when you want to open a file or do something more complex by invoking the OS, then there is likely to be significant structural difference in the statements.

Thus, the fundamental LANGUAGE is no different at all, but PROGRAMMING with it can be quite different.