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Sep9-11, 09:30 AM
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So all in all 0.5 - 1 % of the whole japanese population has been displaced?
According to , Japan's population estimate for August 2011 is 127,920,000.

101,931 / 127,920,000 = 0.0007968 (0.08 %)

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So those citizens are probably from the voluntary evacuation zone or even from locations outside the voluntary evacuation zone.
As is shown with the colors on the map, the Minamisoma territory is divided into 4 parts. The Southern part is in the restricted (forbidden) red zone. The Northern part is in the normal, unrestricted, white zone. The Middle part is in the evacuation-prepared blue zone. The Western part is in the planned-evacuation yellow zone.

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Do you know how or if they're getting compensated for moving away? Because the government could always argue that they're outside all of the declared zones...
According to Tepco's website:

What is temporary compensation (with regard to the evacuation)?

It is payment of temporary compensation, that is, for those who live in the areas, due to the accident of out nuclear power station, of "Evacuation" or "Shelter in Place", or "Planned Evacuation" or "Emergency Evacuation Preparation" , designated by the Prime Minister pursuant to Act on Special Measures Concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness, we pay 1,000,000 yen per multi-person household (750,000 yen per single-person household) that will be appropriated to the damages that result from the evacuation, as a part of compensation money.
With regard to the final compensation, we will announce officially after the accident caused by the nuclear power station is settled and the final version of the above-mentioned policy is established.
The Article's text is fully translated into English at (but the map is not available in the English version)