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Sep10-11, 03:18 PM
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For Q1 and Q2 below, imagine two objects traveling on a perfect head-to-head collision course.

Q1. Is it possible to calculate the energy released if two 1,0 gram objects, each traveling with the speed of the fastest cosmic rays, would hit each other?

Q2. What would happend if two 1 gram objects, one traveling with the speed of .9999999c and the other at 1c, would colide with each other? Is it possible to calculate the released energy in this impact?

Thanks :)
I'm pretty sure (but not absolutely sure) you could just calculate the energy by each and add it up. So;

1 gram object travelling at 0.9999999c (299792428m/sec) would release 44,937,749,943,067.6 joules of energy or ~45 petajoules. So the collision of two grams would be ~90 petajoules