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Oct1-11, 10:09 AM
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What concerns me is the double dipping from the utility companies. The SREC program has restrictions imposed on the "little guy" that do not seem to be imposed on utilities.

Little guy can't sell their overproduction for retail rates.

The utilities can sell their overproduction for retail rates.

Little guy gets their meter's zeroed at their anniversary. This is because they can take advantage of the SREC program so the utilities supposedly have paid something for the solar power. If this benefit disappears (with a one year drop from near $700 to $166 disappearance is right around the corner), I don't want my meter zeroed.

The utilities can generate and sell as much as they want supposedly because they are the ones buying the SRECs.

Now the utilities are selling SRECs to their competition. How is that right?

Shouldn't their solar farms only count against their SREC requirements? Then perhaps any production in excess of those requirements be sold. Otherwise it's double dipping. Triple dipping if you consider that money gained from SREC sales to competition benefits them in straining their competition's income.