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Oct5-11, 06:24 PM
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But hydrogen is never made anywhere.

Hydrogen is made out of it's composite quarks, and from what I understand it hasn't been hot enough since the seconds after the Big Bang for hydrogen to naturally synthesize.

I think the point is that there was a set amount of hydrogen from the beginning of the universe. Anything slightly larger than that (i.e. Helium/Lithium) was either also made directly after the big bang (very unlikely) or made in stars via the fusion process. Anything slightly larger than that was definitely made in the fusion process. And anything much larger than that were made in novae/supernovae.

To so say the statement "everything in your body was made from stars" is incorrect because Hydrogen wasn't made in stars, is invalid because that statement by nature can't include Hydrogen in the first place! A much more valid statement might be that "a large majority of atoms in you body was contained within a star at some point in its life".

However that's not quite as catchy, so I doubt it'll take :)