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Oct5-11, 07:29 PM
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Your writing above can be read such that you believe or claim instruments can detect waves and particles. Did I read wrong?

Why do I need to or should I attempt to refute (rebut) such papers in this discussion? That would truly be taking us far from the topic at hand, yes?

The absence of something (no matter in space), a negative condition, usually does not support the presence of something else - correct?

Dark Matter is still an idea. There are no compelling facts - especially not the collision of 2 galaxies.

Until only very recently astrophysicists did not claim that the outer universe is expanding faster, and did not claim that the edges of galaxies rotate faster than their centers. The evidence is all based on long range RF, IR and visible detections - Yes. A bit skimpy for me.
Yes, and now, they change their minds? Why is that? Because it came to them in a dream?! Or did they discover some evidence that is compelling enough to change their minds? Do you think physicists and cosmologists are flakey enough to change their minds this easily?