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Oct6-11, 04:06 AM
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First at all I want to say that we can simplify the scenario even more, to avoid confusion.

Because we could say that the 2 clocks are following the Sun’s orbit around the Milkyway.
(Technical we could say the orbiting clocks have devices (small rockets) on board to counteract the gravity from the Sun.

Seen from our perspective both the Sun and the two clocks (all 3 objects) are therefore orbiting the Milkyway in the excact same radius to the center of the Milkyway) .

The one clock is 50 billion km. behind the Sun, and the other 150 billion km.

This should eliminate he last confusion according to the Special relativity influence, since all relative speed now are the same.

Back to yours suggestion;
As I understand you now I can only understand it like that speed not is comparable “the same” – which then also mean that also comparable distances not can be the same, - right?
Wrong, distances are the same.
Only clocks tick at different rate. Measuring rods are of the same length.

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I think we have a serious mathematical problem here and wonder how such a simple obviously unsolved mystery possible can have existed the last 100 years without any explanation. ?

I mean the math should be simple.
We know the 2 relative time rates and I believe we also know the speed, - the logical result (so far I can understand it) hence should be that B impossible can travels the same distance, simple because speed multiplied with time = distance.

I mean how difficult can that really be ?