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Oct6-11, 06:12 AM
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No, but we shot mostly in RAW, and what we see on our monitors is in RAW as well, we just convert for jpg to show pictures on forum. At this stage - I can speak for myself only, but I doubt And2 do it much differently - I choose compression level so that the effect I am referring too is still visible. As far as I know at zero compression level jpg is a loseless format, be sure I will not hesitate to use it if I will find it necessary.
OK - just checkin'. Yes, it's sensible to post jpegs of already blown-up RAW images. Just calibrating myself to the level of discussion - 'as you do'.

Do many cameras actually use lossless JPEG? The 'best' on my (albeit ancient) Pentax K10D shows a lot of artifacts fwiw. Wiki seem to say JPEG LS is used in DNG. It's a minefield and, whilst storage is so cheap and engines are so fast, why not use RAW?. It's all a lot better than going down to the chemists after your holiday to collect your enprints.